Download: Cosmo-Hero is a 2D Side-Scrolling Platformer created In Game Maker Studio. The player must navigate the linear level to the end without dying. Otherwise, it's back to square one.
This Game was created by myself entirely. The gameplay was coded in GML and the art assets were all created in Adobe Photoshop. Images for the background were taken from Nasa's Hubble photo archive.
The horizontal character movement is mapped to the directional controls one to one. The jump is variable and can be enhanced when jumping off an enemy which also kills the enemy. The rocket jump that is acquired at the end of level 1 allows for infinite vertical gain as long as there are no obstructions to the path. Horizontal movement while rocketing is fixed but direction can be changed mid-flight. Colliding with enemies on any side other than the top will kill the player-character. Touching the stalactites or stalagmites will also kill the player-character. Death resets the level.
Christopher Tutor
Programmer - Designer