Corridor of Horror
Corridor of Horror‘ was another project I got to work on. In this game the player takes on the role of a young woman who is inside of a hypnosis. Storywise she tries to cope with traumatic experiences from her past. In order to do so she has to solve puzzles and avoid the monsters in the level. We decided to use motion capturing for our animations since we had access to a motion capturin equipment through college. The project was realised in the Unity3D engine.
In addition to the level design, I took over the implementation of a puzzle in this project. It was my first encounter with level design. The level should take place in a hospital and therefore I created a layout of a hospital after researching in the internet. The riddle I implemented consisted of a simple puzzle game. It was controlled via raycasts and a crosshair. The crosshair was displayed after the activation of the puzzle. In order to solve this riddle the player had to move each piece of the puzzle to its correct position. Once the player solved the puzzle hidden documents were made visible throughout the level. These documents contained individual characters that could be joined together to form a codeword. After collecting all fragments of the codeword the player was able to open the final door and escape from the level. Working on level design made me realise that I don’t like working at this area. However capturing and using motion capturing animations was very interesting. Looking back I would assign the task of level design to another person in the group.
Benjamin Bauer
Bachelor of Science - Programmer