Controlling Holographic Objects
"A study on physical interaction with the virtual world." My role: 3D layout, programming, 3d design. Concept & Holograph: Transension Camera & Editing: AnyMotion == Displaying information in digital media can be done in a lot of ways. This is the era of finding new ways to handle 3D information to make it user friendly enough for everyday life. We decided to make a prototype of interacting with 3D models using a Leap Motion sensor, displaying the content on a holographic system. This, ofcourse, can be any sensor (Kinect, camera tracking, touch interface) and can be displayed in a variety of ways (large hologram, screen, projection, etc). The purpose of this prototype is to show potential clients there are other ways to interact with 3D models, ways they can see fit for their marketing purposes.
Jeroen de Mooij
3D MultiMedia Generalist