Published 2 years ago
In development
Mac; Windows; Linux
An ARPG set in Late-Romanic Brittania
Contingent is a realistic historical action role-playing (ARPG) melee combat game for windows PC set in 5th Century Britain with combat mechanics similar to titles such as Mount and Blade, War of the Roses and War of the Vikings. The RPG element of the game comes in the form of the control-tower concept giving the player freedom of choice for pursuing different avenues of narrative from a set scene, in this case the Throne Room. This design is utilised in games such as the Mass Effect series.
The game aims to combine striking emotional stories chosen from the control-tower meta-game with highly immersive and intense action controlled with a 3rd person character. Intelligent group behaviour will give the player the ability to handle masses of AI units that will be used to represent large scale dark ages combat as well as playing as a single fighting unit within that group. An emphasis on historical accuracy on characteristics and costumes are met with high-quality AAA asset art however only partial realism is met for the actual combat gameplay as it will intend to retain more traditional gaming concepts for melee design that is controlled primarily on a mouse and keyboard.
The game's genre will combine action-roleplaying, that is realised from the intense melee action throughout the game with action- adventure, which is applied through a main story line (and sub-stories from ‘petitions’) that contains dialogue between different characters and cut scenes to depict drama and emotion. This is used against an accurately historical backdrop of 5th century Britain. Grit, gore and feudal brutality are all summarised through both mechanisms to create a general underlying feeling of chaotic violence that expands to provide a terrifying experience for the player. Thus the game aims to create a unique genre of historical horror using the 3rd-person ARPG system.

A Caveman Games production.
PEGI 16 (Provisional)
Jared Merritt
Lead - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows; Linux