Contextual Targeted Ads in VR
Published 2 years ago
Contextual Targeted Ads in VR
Advertisements are one of the main features for marketing. And they go well hand-in-hand with Virtual Reality as a platform. The current market targets technology as it interests and attracts more people. Creating a VR advertisement is one step near to the latest trends as VR grabs the full attention of the person. The problem with advertisements is that the advertisements are irrelevant and irritates the user as many a times the advertisements are not of their interest. Our solution which is driven by API’s, without any SDK Integration, understands the user’s current interests by visually recognizing the user’s current view and fetches advertisements based on the recognized category. In the backend, a prioritizing algorithm fetches the advertisements that yields the maximum revenue first. As it is an SDK free solution, the developer has the complete control of where to show the advertisements (Part of the environment, Banner, Full Page, Video) and when to show them. The Advertisements are served as Images and Videos to be showcased in the application. The current project showcases the potential of the fetching ads based on the user’s interest, where we have created three showrooms, each featuring different products and Ads are fetched based on what the user is current viewing. The solution is in VR Space, and the Ads are placed as a part of the environment.
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