Constellation Map
Updated 10 months ago
A Rhythm Game - Constellation Map


We live in a fast paced society, too busy to enjoy life. When was the last time you gazed upon the stars? Playing Constellation Map will bring you an experience like you are enjoying the beauty and serenity of starry sky. Let's travel in the constellation track with the music and enjoy the beauty of the rhythm game that comes to us.


We choose music and constellations as major elements of the game. In game development, we benefit greatly from the convenience that Unity brings to us. We use 2DCinimachine to control the camera to take us to the constellation tours.

Game Synopsis:

Each piece of music in the game is corresponding with a constellation. When playing the game, listen to music and match all notes, while players are roaming in the track of the constellation. There are two kinds of notes, the red note and blue note. When the note circle is about to reach the center of the nebula, tap the screen(right if it is red, left if it is blue) to neutralize it. If player connects, a star will be lightened up in the constellation track. There is a mini-map on the top-left corner of the screen showing the constellation and your progress. When the level is completed, all the matching notes will be presented to players as constellation map.


  1. On mobile platform, players can play the game by touching the corresponding part of the screen to neutralize the note circle(right if it is red, left if it is blue). On PC platform, the game is played by hitting the right key on keyboard (‘D’, ’F’ if it is blue and ‘j’ , ’ k’ if it is red).
  2. 2System will rate every note circle by your accuracy and synchronization with the beat as perfect, great or miss.
  3. During gameplay, system will calculate combo points and the final rate after completion a level will be base on combo points and accuracy.

Technical Difficulties:

In the process of making the game we encountered many difficulties, like what kind of starry effect are we going to make, how to obtain accurate beats, how to present the beats and the impact effect. Fortunately, with the support of Unity's powerful plug-in and the Ingenuity of team, we overcame all of them.

About UI:

For our game’s UI, we use red and blue as primary tone and space black as background. Making our UI as beautiful and comfortable as possible.