Connecting Hexagon
Contribution Google Play Integration - User sign-in - Achievement of High Score and Items used - Leaderboard of Highest Score Navigating Menu - Select Game Type: Timed or Turn - Go to Configuration and Player Info - About page Tutorial Navigation - Prevent player from continue the tutorial until they achieve adjective such as rotating the pipe or connecting the pipes User Controls (All Touch screen Controls) - Tap Control: User tap the left side or the right side of the pipe to spin it - Touch (Simple): User press down on the pipe and swipe it left or right - Touch (Precise): Simular to Simple but there are 4 section of the pipe and will rotate depending on which way they swipe example: - If player press the top of the pipe and swipe right it will rotate clockwise - If player press the bottom and swipe right it will rotate counter-clockwise - If player press the right side of the pipe and swipe down it will rotate clockwise - If player press the left side of the pipe and swipe down it will rotate counter-clockwise Path-finding for Pipes - Find out which pipes are connected to the left, right, or both sides - Pipes that are Red are connected to the left side - Pipes that are Blue are connected to the right side - Pipes that are Green are connected to both sides - Path-finding are done after each rotation Game-play Programming - Countdown before game start - Game Pause Menu - Points are calculated after there is a connection to both sides - After points are calculated it get added and the connected pipes get randomized - After Randomizing the pipes it check to make sure that it doesn't have a green connection Special Power Items - Randomize: Every Pipes get randomized - Time Freeze: Gives you 15 seconds to rotate as much as you can, will not calculate score of connection until time runs out - Turn game mode: When activated in this mode, rotations doesn't count as a turn - Time game mode: When activated in this mode, time left doesn't decrease - 6 Pipes: replace any of the pipes with a 6 sided pipe Other Programming - Integration of AdColony Video Monetization - Player watch this Video to get 5 plays - If AdColony cannot load then give the player 1 play - Native Android actions - If Player leaves the game or the phone rings then the game will go to its pause menu - Use standard popup - Phone Vibirate when there is a pipe connection in game Thoughts What went well? I manage to get this game out to the Google Play store within a year and a half. I ended up learning how to use a plugin called iGUI with Unity. Unity3D was during at the time pre 5.0 and their UI/2D sprite haven't been created yet. The Graphics was very basic at first, however I found a puzzle game UI that I've bought off in the Asset Store. What didn’t went well? After releasing the game and watching others playing it: I notice that everyone try to rotate the pipes in different ways. That is why I ended up having 3 different control types. I used to accumulated points that the user can get and have them spend it like in-game money to buy their Special Power Items. But It seems like not many people even know about this so I change it so that they will always have them ready to go. I just limit the amount of times they can use it.
David To
Software Engineer - Programmer
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