Conflict 0 - Shattered
Updated 2 years ago
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Gear VR
35 years after the civil war, the last Sovereign has finally been located. Your mission is simple: infiltrate the base to locate the target and eliminate it. The weapon of choice is a specially modified old war robot. The first chapter of this post-war story, Conflict 0 - Shattered is a first look on what happened on the country of Navaha after years of war.

* Infiltrate the base stealthily and open the way for your robot ally.
* Brandish your sword for dueling or to open a path.
* Shoot your way through several waves of enemies with a powerful gun.
* A hard decision is given to the player when reaching the objective...
Gregory Silva
Game Developer (VFX) - Artist
Bruno Croci
Senior Game Developer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Gear VR