Conduction Crisis
Published 10 months ago
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Mac; Windows; Linux
A group project for Global Game Jam 2018
For this past Global Game Jam I teamed up with a group of friends from my local game development group to make a game. This was interesting as I usually work alone, in part due to convenience and in part due to bad past experiences with group work.This time thankfully turned out better, and after 48 hours we put out a visually striking and polished game.
If could be only thing I am proud of with this game, it's that we worked well as team under a deadline without getting on each other's nerves. Everyone had a task and stuck to it, we coordinated and split tasks easily, and by the end we produced a very good looking game. Conduction Crisis was also a valuable lesson in presentation; though the game wasn't really all that deep in terms of gameplay, the graphical fidelity and visual effects/post processing made up for that deficiency. I'm really proud of this game as an exercise in teamwork, and I hope you can appreciate it for what it is.
Aidan Bauer
Game Developer - Programmer
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Mac; Windows; Linux