Quadrante Studio = Soy yo. Example of advanced development using technologies: Unity, Extension Unity, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, Javascript, C #, PHP, Database, Integration, Designer (Adobe Tools) and Others. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Composer UI allows you to draw vector graphics in a way similar to a classic desktop application, and you can test them directly in the Unity. Besides SVG, Composer UI also processes the bitmap-based PNG format and others.
Drawing SVG??? Do you want to create and import your SVG file for unity?
- Graphics "Quadrante Studio" availabled through the Art's repository; - Clear User Interface for Fast Drawing; - Rich Color Palette (solid, linear gradient, radial gradient, pre-defined, predominant photographs / images and blending); - Rich Presets (Shapes, Icons, Cliparts, Templates, Filters, Patterns, Masks, Colors, Backgrounds and More...); - Integration with Openclipart and Pixabay are supported and others; - Open / Edit / Import / Export SVG images between Composer UI and Unity; - Glyph Designer + Import Bitmap Font to Unity; - Encryption of images and texts; - Slicer images and "sprite sheet" generator; - Optimizing and Editing the Source of SVG file, Composer UI has its own source editor; - C# available for manipulation of textures and sprites (namespace QSFunctions); - Scenes of examples, for presentation of libraries and codes; - Vídeos and documents.
2D Tools, works with Sprites and Texture2D, perfectly integrating the Unity environment. It is an extension of the editor:
Features: - Slice Sprites to Texture2D (including non-rectangular); - Match Sprites (including non-rectangular); - Mask Sprites on Sliced Sprites to Texture2D; - Multiple Textures to Sprite Sheet; - Applying filters; - Extended Sprite information in the Inspector window; - Shortcuts to view in 2D and 3D; - Easy to use and quick to slice; - API to work with graphics; - API to embed HTML in editor;
Safety? Protect your game or app. Protection of texts and images, check out: Features: - Encrypt and Decrypt (Text - Base64); - Encrypt and Decrypt (Texture / Material).
WebCam Features (Beta): - Enable / Disable; - Sound camera shutter; - Replaces texture of target object. Demonstration scenes: - Encrypt and Decrypt (Text); - Encrypt and Decrypt (Texture / Material); - Encrypt and Decrypt (Texture / WebCam).
Mask + Skill, Set of 220 skill icons. All icons are of high quality. A good choice for RPG and MOBA games. Features: - Each icon has 256x256 pixels size (PNG); - Total of 220 unique icons; - 80 icons in transparent backgrounds; - Add sprite mask (UI MASK CANVAS).
Glyph Designer + Import Bitmap Font Features: - Create and Import Bitmap Font; - Support XML and Plain Text on format '.fnt'.
Marcelo Rezende
Programmer and Designer 2D - Other