Compliance 3D
Published 2 years ago
"Gold Medal Winner - Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning - Brandon Hall"
Compliance Training can be boring, many of us already know how to behave ethically, but with todays scandals and inappropriate behaviour by big corporations, Compliance and Ethics training for staff is often a mandatory requirement. Many companies now require staff to complete compliance training every year, and this sometimes results in providing an employee a pdf to read, or to make them sit through a powerpoint presentation, which we have all seen before.
Some educators will now host role plays, in an attempt to immerse the learners in a situation based scenario. However, nothing speaks immersive scenarios like First Person computer games. The average age of gamers is now 35+, and many corporate staff fall within this age group and category. Most of us have played computer game, we all use technology, so why not learn with it.
Pivecs Labs, a subsidiary of CranberryBlue R & D, have developed 3D games that include compliance scenarios. Used by large multi-national corporations with tens of thousands of employees, the Compliance 3D™ suite of products provide immersive training in multiple languages, tailored for the specific needs of each customer.
The game can be situated on a tropical island, in a space station, or in a medieval world with a fantasy theme. The player will interact with many animated characters during the game, and their score, their interactions, and check points for restarts, are all tracked to an encrypted secure server that can be accessed with real time analytics. Proven pedagogical techniques and game mechanics for motivation are employed throughout the game, all backed up academic research and pilot studies over several years.

The product itself is built with Unity 3D. It can be run on multiple platforms, including mobiles and tablets for anytime, anywhere training. Not just for gamers, the easy to use navigation around the virtual world can be point and click, teleport mode, or the traditional WASD keyboard. Pilot and usability studies with the game, showed that the majority of players opted for a combination of navigation methods. Players can see their progress, end and restart the game at anytime, and can also play not-so-serious games during the training. For example, while attending a conference on a tropical island, the player can play 3D Pool with a character, or hit some golfballs on the driving range.
Feedback from players suggests that they would rather learn in this environment, than with traditional methods. There will always be those people who just want to read the PDF, do the test, and get back to work, but our research showed that this is less than 30% of today’s learners. However, in a blended learning environment, this product fits perfectly. It provides an audit trail of the participant’s learning, something that no classroom role-play, or powerpoint lecture can ever do.
Some of the main features of the Compliance 3D™ product are:
  • Secure Encrypted login with restart from any previous conversation or game.
  • Access via browser with Webplayer or WebGL, native on smartphone or Tablet, or installed on PC or Mac.
  • Multiple forms of navigation options (WASD, point and click, point and drag, teleport via map, and now the Look and Click™ feature).
  • Proven pedagogical techniques for learning (guided conversations, free flow dialogs, random encounters, what-if dialogues).
  • Built-in games for rewards such as pool table, golf driving range, speed boat driving, 10 pin bowling, tennis, and more.
  • Real time videos for additional training within the game in 3D theatres (also supports slide shows)
  • In-game tutorial and in-game help. All characters are animated with optional voiceovers in any language.
  • Total recording of all player activity to Encrypted Secure server (web based and iPad analytics app).
  • Analytics application to track staff activity and results, using builtin database queries and graphics.
  • SCORM compliant for access via Learning Management Systems (LMS)
The Compliance 3D™ product can also be adapted to teach other industry topics, such as sexual harassment issues, management techniques, and safety procedures, to mention a few.

For more information, contact us to learn more about the activities of CranberryBlue R & D limited.

Dr Paul Pivec
Developer/Designer - Other