Companion App for Tom Clancy's The Division
Updated a year ago
iOS; Android; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Windows
The Division is an online multiplayer game for PC and consoles where squads of agents cooperate to navigate the hostile, post-apocalyptic streets of New-York. Early in the development of the game there were plans to have a companion mobile app to let an additional agent play as a drone and prove tactical support to the rest of the squad.
During my short time at the studio I was responsible for helping develop this companion app. I helped evaluating the pre-existing networking tech and lay down the ground works for how the mobile app and the console game would interact with each other. I also assisted with the automated build process and helped prototype variants of the core game loop and the controls for the companion.
Ultimately the companion app was cut from the final release but it was still fun to design such a unique player experience.
Walid Fayad
Senior Game Developer at King - Programmer
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Windows