Coming soon: Medieval Ways
Updated 4 months ago
In development
Medieval Ways features a new, roleplay based, choice adventure game for Android.
Adventure through a medieval kingdom in the edge of crisis - your kingdom has fallen on foreign hands and you are being deported to a distant village in the process of "pacification" created by your new rulers. You can be a former noble stripped of it's lands, a former town militia, even a farmer that lost all he had. It's your choice! You can build your own character and live his life!

Key Features:
Medieval Ways launches first on Android with a window of exclusivity.
Designed by Filuva Interactive, first game development team located on Porto - Portugal.
You create your own character based on what you want. Every decision matters, since one decision is all that separates becoming a prestigious noble or a petty thief.
A dying king pushes to maintain good relations with a much larger Kingdom but it's backstabbed by it's allies and his country falls to a surprise offensive. You, as a former citizen of Protuvol, the fallen kingdom, are deported to another village.
What will you do?

Updates on the game development status will be launched soon. Stay tuned!
Filuva Interactive.

Filuva Interactive
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