Comanda VR Shooter -Google Cardboard
the Comanda VR Shooter is a mobile VR application for a new VR users which challenges them To enjoy the game action games in the virtual reality, Helps the user enjoy the solution of killing enemies and adventure from the beginning of the game until the end
This game is one of the best mobile games for a virtual reality where it is easy to move and hit the enemies. In this game can easily move and control movement through the control can be used any of the three glasses XBox, Google Cardboard, Gear VR. In the first stage of the game, you can not win unless you kill all zombies. Control the walking and beating through Control When the zombie approaches you, the beating stops so you have to stay away from them too much. Features of the game: 1-Enjoy roaming around environments as in real reality. 2-Virtual reality glasses represent this medium that will give you a unique and enjoyable experience within the virtual world. 3-To move around the world as you sit on your seat in your sitting room is no longer impossible. 4-Thrill. 5-You are the player.
Mohamed Galal
Virtual Reality Developer - Programmer
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