Column Climbers
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In development
iOS; Android
Rock climbing physics
Column Climbers is a mobile game (in development since 2015) where you climb an endless rock wall into the sky. The wall moves downward and you have to climb to keep up with it so you don't fall off the bottom of the screen. There are many rock formations, power ups, and other fun surprises as you climb to keep things interesting.
The controls are easy and fun. Touch the screen and your climber will automatically select a good hand/foot to pick up. Drag to move your limb and drop it over a colorful rock to grab it. If you are having trouble, there is a dotted line that appears showing you a nice line to trace up to a good rock. The motions you use to climb the rock wall are similar to how you would scroll through a web page so it is a natural fit for mobile users. Advanced players will learn to swing and jump into the air to climb faster or navigate the path as it gets more difficult and acrobatics become a necessity. Controls are responsive and stable (a difficult task for pulling rag dolls around) thanks to lots of custom spring physics and other systems.
Your adventure will be different every time because the rock wall and everything on it is procedurally generated. As you get higher up the rock formations will get more extreme and the path will wind around the column.
For iPad (and large phones, if you want) you can race your friends with split screen multiplayer. Climb faster so your opponent cannot keep up or win by wrestling them off the wall.
The last screenshot is "Climbing Simulator" the ~20 hour prototype that would eventually become Column Climbers. Most recent screenshots are first.
Robert Quinn
Software Engineering, Iowa State - Student
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android