Colors on the Brain
Colors on the Brain is a puzzle game that has been developed using an effect which gauges the interference of an individual's reaction time on a task. This effect is widely known as the "Stroop Effect", named after John Ridley Stroop. In Colors on the Brain, we have created two different Stroop puzzles to challenge players. In the challenge we have called "Right Brain", the goal is to match falling colored words into the corresponding color on a shape object below. The player must tap the correct color on the shape object to align it correctly to the color of the word falling from above. However, there are a couple of twists! For starters, there is a limited amount of time to align the shape correctly, and this time decreases after each successful word catch. Secondly, the words falling from above are not only different colors, but also the names of different colors, which may or may not match the actual color of the word. The second Stroop task, which we have called the "Left Brain", works identical to the first in terms of the falling words and aligning of the shape object, but the difference comes from how the words and shape object must be aligned. Instead of matching the color of the word to the same color of the shape object, the player most now match the name of the color of the word to the corresponding name of the shape object below. Once you have mastered these seemingly simple Stroop puzzles in training mode, dive into Frenzy mode. In Frenzy mode, not only are the speed of the words varied, but the timers in which new words drop are as well. This gives a more robust gameplay experience, and ensures no two plays will ever be the same. Each of these game modes comes in two different difficulties (Normal and Hard), in which the amount of colors and words increases with the difficulty level. Any of that sound confusing? Well good, because that is just the beginning! Take on our Stroop puzzles today and in a battle of brains versus brains, find out who among you and your friends has the biggest brain! Visit the Colors on the Brain website: Leave feedback: Visit the David Is Goliath Games website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Google Play Store: iOS Store: Coming Soon! THANK YOU for supporting an Indie Developer!
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