Color Point 2016
Tap down to slow down the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will point color with same power point with switcher. You must follow the color point 2016 switcher design pattern on each obstacle to cross it color games! It is Color Point 2016 game with brain with smart color switcher with smart eyes watching with color games. It is Color Point 2016 game with different dynamic color switcher with shapes into color games. Color Point 2016 with endless so enjoy and play with infinite time with infinite color point switcher. If you are color cross fan, you instantly get hooked on this addictive game color point GO and switch color! It is one of those games where you get frustrated if you get stuck, yet you will continue to play for hours until you beat the color point 2016 with color games. Then the cycle starts all over again on the next level. Challenge your friends in an exciting game of color games wheel with switcher. Do not pass through the wrong color, or you’ll have to restart color game again. * HOW TO PLAY * -> You can not cross color point each obstacle with the same color of the color of the ball. -> Go through the same Pattern Color as your Ball on each obstacle to cross it. -> Avoid touching different colors. You only cross each obstacle with the same color of the color point of the ball. -> Gift Pointer is available for increase your point.
Manish Savaliya
Senior Game Developer - Programmer
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