Color Latch
Tap the screen left/right to switch the color blocks and catch the balls The game can be played in five different colorful games mode. - Classic : You start with two blocks in beginning and as the game progresses the blocks increase and the speed of ball varies. - Switch : A color switch in middle which changes the color of ball midway. You have to react quickly to catch the correct ball - Reverse : Balls move against gravity. You have to switch the color blocks accordingly to catch the respective color balls - Match : A single block that changes color on tap. Switch the color of block to respective color of ball - Twins : A dual game mode where you have to be sharp and quick enough to latch the balls with their respective color blocks Collect stars and unlock various characters to play with. Play all the modes, share your score on global leaderboard and challenge your friends to compete with you Keep your fingers quick enough to latch the correct color ball and be careful not to latch the wrong one or you will have to start over again
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