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克洛克是一个全新模式的解谜游戏,拥有超过 6 个不同的解谜主题和超过 60 个不同的具有挑战的关卡,通过控制可爱的克洛克来修复这个世界上失去色彩的那一块土地吧。

COLLOC is new type of puzzle game, and it has over 6 entire unique chapters and over 60 different challenging levels, come play and make the great fantasy world colorful again!
自从黑洞 24 号降临,克洛克的世界就失去了许多色彩,而作为颜色精灵,每个克洛克都有自己不同的能量,他们可以分裂可以融合,让我们和克洛克一起将这个世界变回五彩缤纷的样子。
Science the BLACKHOLE NO.24 came, the colloc world lost its color. As the color elf, every colloc has their own different energy, they can fission and merge, let's defeat the BLACKHOLE NO.24 and make the fantasy world colorful again
I am a solo game developer and I founded a game studio called Pazolab Studio.
I like puzzle games and cats. I will keep making games in the future.
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Eiman Tan
Pazolab - Designer
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Chinese; Japanese; English
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Mac; Windows