Collision Reaction
Unity Asset Store
Collision Reaction Collision Reaction is an in-editor Unity tool which helps create, manage and customize material reactions. Written in C# by me for Unity with a complimentary editor, it was released on the asset store for public usage. With it you can make your objects do anything you can imagine on impact, play sound effects and randomize their pitch, Instantiate random prefabs, play sound volume relative to impact strength and much more. Features include: -Works for both 2D and 3D Collisions (after initial trailer was made). - Intuitive Editor - Built in “GameObject Wizard” - Allows for several thousands of unique reactions - Built in reaction/collision debugger - Tooltips for everything! - Allows for several reaction “databases” to be swapped out at runtime! - Multiple reactions and materials for a single object - Simple API Reaction Features - Spawn Random Effect - Spawn Effect against impact normal - Collision Hit Floor - Double Slider Instantiator - Play Random AudioClip - Play Random Audio Volume - Audio Volume Clamping - Play Volume Relative To Velocity Impact - Audio Pitch (and random) - And more…
Fredric Marqvardt
Programmer, Game-Programmer