Collaborative VR experiment with two HTC Vives
0 Tags: Virtual Reality - VR - HTC - Vive - SteamVR - Unity3D - Kinect - Brekel R&D project by: Jasper Brekelmans Jeroen de Mooij Music: Thanks to: Adriaan Rijkens Marald Bes Erwin Kho == Having the opportunity to play with 2 Vive systems for a short while, we decided to spent some time setting up an multi user experiment. Emerging yourself in VR seems pretty much a one person experience, but what if there are others with you in that space? At that time we were wondering a few things: - Can 2 Vives be correctly tracked with only 2 lighthouses - How to set up an simple multi user networked 3D environment - Can we combine that with streaming pointcloud information in that same 3D environment - How natural does the interaction between two persons feel - Can you collaborate on building or playing together with the virtual objects Conclusions: Even with the kinect pointcloud in not the most efficient angle and not fully streaming all of kinects pointcloud, there was a real feel of presense of the other player. It felt really natural to share and work together on different tasks. There are some hickups in the physics syncing over the network, but it was not disturbing the experience. Most of all, it was really really fun to do! Next step: The used setup was in the same physical space but would also be possible to use over an internet connection for remote collaborations.
Jeroen de Mooij
3D MultiMedia Generalist