Team Scope Blind - Cold War Sci-Fi Mashup
Updated a year ago
Team Scope Blind - Cold War Sci-Fi Mashup - Final Submission

Our team consists of Chris Devens and Jason C. Anderson, two environment artists in the game industry. We were initially inspired by a couple of awesome pieces of concept art from Star Citizen (one from Dennis Chan, and one from Nicolas Ferrand). We decided that we would do a mashup inspired by these two pieces mixed with cold war era Soviet architecture. We thought that the hulking silhouettes with the odd shapes would work well with a sci-fi treatment.
Jason did a quick and dirty whitebox treatment to get us started.

We want the design to be somewhat fluid and expect things to change a lot as we start getting assets into the scene. This is the first project in Unity for both of us. We are looking forward seeing what we can create while learning the tools.

Update 1/3/18 - We have both been out of town for the holidays so we still have a ton of work to do. All of the lighting is temp and we are trying to replace all of the whitebox with actual assets. Lots of work to do in the next 12 days!
Material Zoo:

We used the post processing stack to set the mood and color palette of our finished scene. We used Cinemachine and Timeline together to animate all of our cameras and make them blend seamlessly together.
Asset Store Assets Used:

Post Processing Stack V2 - Unity Technologies!/content/83912 (v1 link, V2 beta on github)
Post processing, color grading, fog, etc.

Amplify Shader Editor – Amplify Creations!/content/68570
Used to create our shaders that were used across the project.

Standard Assets – Unity Technologies!/content/32351

Unity Particle Pack – Unity Technologies!/content/73777
Used steam effects, and dust storm.

Adam Character Pack – Unity Technologies!/content/74842
Used Adam character.

Adam Interior Environment – Unity Technologies!/content/74965
Used volumetric fog assets, area lights.

SpaceFighter – Alexandr Voevodov!/content/87056
Placed around scene, static and moving. Used power cells as lighting meshes.

Skybox - Clod!/content/4183

Scene OBJ Exporter – aaro4130!/content/22250
Used to export reference geo when making custom assets.

Cinemachine – Unity Technologies!/content/79898
Used for all camera work.

Scifi Music Pack – Adam Bielecki!/content/100906
Used Dark Synergy music track.

Free Sound FX - SoundBits!/content/31837
Used AbstactAbmiences – Mix_ST_27 track for ambient sound.

Recorder – Unity Technologies!/content/94079
Used to record final video.

Other free sound FX from
Footsteps, doors opening, ship movement, etc.

Software used: Unity 3D - Maya 2016 - Substance Designer/Painter - Photoshop -Zbrush.
Team Scope Blind
Chris Devens
Environment Artist - Artist
Jason C Anderson
Senior Environment Artist - Artist
Senior Environment Artist
Here is an UPDATE of our video submission with proper capture (1080P) in case you want to see it:
Chris Devens
a year ago
Environment Artist
We have been asked about the frame rate a few times today. Unfortunately, we were getting a memory allocation error with recorder and it would crash 40 seconds in. We had to resort to less ideal capture methods which left us with a lower frame rate.
Chris Devens
2 years ago
Environment Artist
Ciro ContinisioVery ambitious! The concept art is kickass. I'm curious to see where this goes!
Thanks! We both have vacations scheduled over our holiday break from work, so it will be a challenge to get it all done for sure.
Ciro Continisio
2 years ago
Technical Evangelist
Very ambitious! The concept art is kickass. I'm curious to see where this goes!