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Cogniverse: Innovating at the Cognitive Creative Crossroads
Cogniverse is a new art series enabled with neural net techniques that draws on machine intelligence and the growing focus in neuroscience on the mystery of consciousness. (Update: see the new site
My other great passion is the future of XR, especially for new forms of art, storytelling and interactive experience. For the last couple of years, I helped launch and lead the THINKReality guild of XR explorers across IBM that brought together developers, designers, data scientists and other diversely talented colleagues. Now I'd like to expand that outreach to the wider Unity world.
The vision for Cogniverse XR is to collaborate with others at the intersection of visual arts, immersive environments, complex data and the realm of the adjacent possible.
I've produced several dozen pieces -- a few examples below -- and now am looking to explore how these could become the jumping off point for different XR experiences. Could flat images be translated into 3D data, woven into 360 animations or be translated in other ways into XR environments, narratives or installations?
More important, could these artistic explorations stimulate discussion and creative thinking around challenges in the dawn of the machine intelligence age? Could this new hybrid of art and science address the crisis and opportunity in understanding consciousness, not just in its human iteration, but more broadly in nature and the cosmos?
Could we build an artscape that was co-created by machine and human intelligence, maybe even one that adapted to each person who experiences it? And could such a space even become an environment for a different kind of learning or personal growth journey?
Beyond these thinking-out-loud aspirations, could a collective of diverse talent come together to have fun and build a new kind of artplay? Something that blended elements of theater, studio, museum and classroom? What most intrigues me about the XR frontier is the opportunity to pioneer entirely new forms of expression, and new models of creative production.
Jack Mason is graduate of Brown University with a degree in Semiotics and studied magazine writing at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Jack Mason
XRchitect - Artist