Cognitionem Daemonis
Published a year ago

Hello everyone, my name is Julian Pinzon, just a new user in the animation world, but eager to learn. My co-workers for this proyect are Jose Luis Beltran Lopez, 3D enviroment artist and Manuel Alonso Camelo Peña CGI Artist; this is our first work in unity but it's pretty user-friendly so even with few knowledge in it, you can get beautifull scenes. I hope you like it and enjoy the trip.


The all mighty god, built a temple on his name in which are lodged the greatest mysteries of life, death and the universe itself; only there questions about the origin, the future, destiny and magic can be answered. This information has been collected over time by the faithful preachers to Saska, who have been designated to serve since they were born, in artifacts that project this information in different formats.
The structure of this temple is constituted by a main section in which there is an altar with the avatar of Saska where cults and magical-religious rituals are performed. It is surrounded by five sentinels (Ezra, Gerot, Sarkani, Amos and Nahum), a creation of Saska, which function is to protect the place in case of attack and uncover the stored information there. Above this altar, a hologram shows the location of the next target to be followed according to Saska's will. The previous space is built as a raised pedestal suggesting the importance of it.
From the main platform you can reach the great portal, which was designed for the faithful of Saska to access from anywhere in the universe, in order to provide the temple with the information collected. From this platform two paths lead to structures that are established to provide floating discs that are used to transport the faithful throughout the temple.


We based our desing desitions taking references from differetent sc-fi and fantasy IPs which helped us through the creation process.

Concept art:

We're huge fans of the fantasy genre, so, when we started to idealize the proyect we thought in something that we could adapt no matter the time and conserve some magic and mysticism.That's when the library idea comes up. We got inspiration from differents libraries from all over the world like the Liverpool Central Library or the Stockholm Public Library but in some way, that wasn't enough.
That was the moment when the temple idea surge, something that maybe was a worship temple for a dark god or entity, because good is mainstream, so we merge that two ideas and the temple of Saska began
First we worked in some creative ideas about the temple, how will look, who will be there and why.

Then, next few days we organized the ideas in a decent concept, a floating temple in a giant library filled with the most dark secrets of the universe for eons and created by Saska, an ancient entity which mission is recopilate every fragment of dark knowledge and use it to break the time itself. His followers can get a little piece of his wisdom in exchange for eternal loyalty. There's only one way to enter in this place, a portal controlled by Saska's will.



The first step was build the blocking for the scene, we want to build a big epic structure, full of disk and circular plataforms for all over the place. over the time we changed some models

Modeling and Texturing :

As they went along, new concepts and details about the design and colors that the scene should bring were explored.

Assets texturing samples.


Julian Andres Pinzon Aponte
Programming student - Student
Manuel Alonso Camelo Peña
3D Artist - Student
Jose Beltrán
Student - Artist