Coffeenauts Supply co.
Updated 6 months ago
Coffeenauts Supply co.
Last Day!
Thanks everyone for following my game dev process with little dude (cosmonaut). Just to let you know I didn't had enough time to continue with this project at the moment but right after new year I will work on it again and put all the ideas together. The plan is to release this as a android game on google play store.
check this website in January as you will find more information.
Thank again!!
#03 Day (03 Nov)
Today I implementet radar/mini map and few other things like new joystick and thruster for player movement. It's always so much fun to test new player movements. Tomorrow I will start looking into galaxies and locations on map during upcoming week I will finally focus on environment and I'm really looking forward to start using all 2d features in Unity :) hopefully I have enough time... ;) Like always I recorded few gif's

#02 Day (31 Oct)

Today I don't have much time for all the tasks I wanted to start with but I did some tests of traveling in spaces in high speeds. I started looking into some supported effects to show atmosphere entry fraction. Maybe tomorrow I will start working on 2d radar/minimap and start prototyping galaxies where you can travel.

#01 Day (30 Oct)
"When coffee shops emerged in orbit Coffeenauts Supply co. took care of them." - WIP idea, still working on main concept.
Piotr Skiejka
FX TD / VFX Artist - Artist
Piotr Skiejka
6 months ago
FX TD / VFX Artist
Thanks a lot @RustyCrow !! Not much time on the end... but I will continue working on this project, I'm pretty sure that you will get a chance to navigate his journey in space next year :D
6 months ago
Game Dev
Dude when is the next update !! i really want to see this guy go to the Stars and beyond :D