Coffee Talk
Updated 2 years ago
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A Game by Toge Productions

“Welcome, please take your seat”

Coffee Talk is a game about listening to people’s problems and help them by serving a warm drink out of the ingredients you have. It is a game that tries to depict our lives as humanly as possible while having a cast that is more than just humans.

Gameplay Features

  • Tales of people around the alternative Seattle, a city where elves, orcs, mermaids, and many other fantasy races live together with humans in a modern world we are familiar with
  • Branching story lines where the decisions do not come from the dialogue options you choose, but through how you treat and serve the customers of your café
  • 90s anime inspired pixel art visual and chill vibes inducing color palette to help you immerse yourself in the game’s world
  • Selection of jazzy and lo-fi music to accompany the late night warm drinks and talks activities
  • An experience to make you think, feels, and help rest your body and soul


We started developing Coffee Talk in late 2017 using Unity 2017. Pixel art is the major selling point in Coffee Talk, but we decided to develop it in a 3-dimensional world to create the sense of depth and to create parallax effect within the movement of the camera.
And also we quite heavily rely on Fungus, an open-source tools for creating an interactive storytelling mechanism in our game.

Future Development

We're still on our developing progress and have moved from Unity 2017 to Unity 2018, which adding Pixel Perfect Camera to some of the scene in our game would be a great visual enhancement to our game!

Dio Mahesa
2D Artist @ Toge Productions - Artist
Liam Hotinski
2 years ago
Digital Artist
The art style and ambience of the game is great. Nice work!
2 years ago