Cobalt 60 AR Comic Book
Published 2 years ago
In development
Android; iOS
Bringing the Hooded One to life with Unity and printed comics
A few years ago, I met legendary San Francisco-based artist, Mark Bode (COBALT 60, CHEECH WIZARD, TMNT) and he and I started working on a 3D cartoon of Cobalt 60, originally published in 1968 by Mark's father, Vaughn Bode. When Vuforia in Unity became available, we decided we could combine the best of print and digital, by releasing the AR version for iOS and Android. The book is available now on Amazon, and the free app will be available in early March for iOS and Android.
This has been a great project for me, personally, as we used pretty much used all of Unity's new features in Timeline, Cinemachine, and Vuforia, plus some great plugins, including Lip Sync Pro by Rogo Digital and Toony Colors Pro by JMO. Animation was done using hybrid animation in MotionBuilder and Maya. Programming by Seraphic Infosystems... Many thanks, Vanshika!!!
We're launching at the Comic Fest in SoCal on March 9th, and Bode will be showing it off at all his comic convention appearances throughout the world this year. Will post more at that time!
Mark Butler
Animator / Technical Director - Other
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS