Clutter 1000
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Mac; Windows
The 8th game in the increasingly poorly named Clutter Trilogy. It's the most addicting Un-Hidden Object game you will ever play, and Clutter 1000 is definitely the best Clutter of them all. The object of the game is as simple as can be. Just find and click on two matching objects to remove them from the playing field. Watch your pairs pop out and merge into one, then swoop down to the treadmill. All your old favorites are here along with twice as many new ones to keep you playing for days and days. With 1000 puzzles in all, there are too many amazing levels to describe. Be warned, as Clutter 1000 may become your most addicting daily puzzler.
This the 8th game and will generate over $100K in net revenue for me. It sells on Big Fish Games, iWin, Game House, Wild Tangent and several other Download Distributors. (Yes, there is a world outside of Steam). My prior 7 games have generated over $3 Million in sales. It's a fun game, but it's definitely targeted at the Hidden Object Game fan base.
CEO/Designer/Engineer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows