Clippy's Awakening
Published 10 months ago
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Linux; Mac; Windows
In this game, you play as Clippy, the expert computer repair paperclip who has been called in to clean up the hard drive of a long forgotten PC. There is a rogue program in the "My Computer" folder that is blocking access to vital files and downloading endless amounts of spam. Your mission is to gain access to the My Computer folder by any means necessary and stop this program before it fills up the whole hard drive with nonsense!
Created in 72 hours ( + some panicked post-jam bugfixing) for Ludum Dare 42, my whole team had a blast working on this and thinking of new jokes we could put in. Sadly, we ran out of time and most of those didn't make it but it was fun all the same. What we ended up with is a fun little metroidvania/bullet-hell combo with a fun 90s operating system aesthetic. We integrated FMOD with Unity for the first time on this project, so our audio wizard (Thomas Parrish) was able to work some magic with audio feedback and music layering.
Jake McLeman
Programmer - Programmer
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Linux; Mac; Windows