Classroom To Hell - First Year Degree Project
This project was split into two assignments and was one of my first final year projects for Foundation Degree (FdSc) 3D Animation and Games Development in 2016. For the first assignment we were asked to create a game environment set in a classroom with a theme of our choice. This environment was to be imported into the Unity game engine. I chose to set the classroom in an abandoned school in which a satanist had been performing rituals. The player had discovered the room by mistake and gets trapped in the room. The game starts in the classroom. All of the assets within the room I created myself using Autodesk Maya. For the next assignment we were asked to expand on this room, add interactivity and add waves of enemies. I decided to create a portal to hell which takes the player to a new environment where they can collect weapons and ammo/health packs which are spawned at the end of each enemy wave. The location of the health/ammo packs are chosen at random. I also created the new environment using Autodesk Maya and programmed everything using C# in Visual Studio. The models for the weapons, health/ammo packs and enemies as well as the sounds and skyboxes I did not create due to time restraints. These were taken from the Unity Asset store, but scripted by me.
Tom Stephenson
Freelance game developer - Programmer