Clash For Speed
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Mac; Windows; Android; iOS
Clash for Speed is the 1st ever racing/demolition derby game where players can design & build their own Custom Race Tracks.


Clash for Speed is the 1st ever racing game where the player can create any type of race track they desire by simply dragging the fingers on their mobile phones.
With millions of ways to create your own racing tracks on any of the 5 available Planets, you can become the Ultimate Racer of the galaxy. Each race track is full of on-road/off-road obstacles and players are granted numerous defensive and offensive power-ups to mercilessly take down your opponents. Power-ups are usually scattered in mystery boxes, making game play even more challenging and fun.
With each Win, players are awarded with Trophies, Coins & Gems that helps them gain in-game XP (experience points) and teleport to the next planet. Players must constantly race and attack to maintain their progress in-game. Clash for Speed also offers a compact garage where you can add variety of new parts and weaponry to your race cars to make them more powerful, faster and resistant to damage.
Clash for Speed is the most dynamic and beautiful games that you have ever seen on your phone. With a bunch of battle cars, on-road obstacles & off-road traps, this game is insanely addictive.
  • 5 unique 3D - game environments: Green Valley, Floaters, Rocky Roads, Mystic Lava & Sci-Fi Gravity.
  • 8 upgradable battle cars: Combat, O’dare, Dustin, Ninja, Brutal, Skull Dragon, Bone Shaker & Battle.
  • 10 types of deadly weapons with different levels.
  • 5 On-Road Obstacles & 8 Off-Road Traps with amazing upgrades.
  • 20 upgradable tires & 10 original car stickers (decals).
  • 15 Pre-Defined Tracks with different attacking rate for quick racing.
Download Clash for Speed and enjoy the X-Treme Combat Racing on your own track!
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IgismallstudioThis looks stunning
Thanks Igismallstudio! The game is now available for download for Android Users:
2 years ago
This looks stunning