Clarice Adventure
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Platform Game
Clarice adventure is a platform game created for the Unity 2D Challenge. The project is for mobile platforms.
The creation of "Clarice Adventure" is using Unity 2018.3.x this project is for the Unity 2D Challenge. I want to create a platform game and I always like this kind of games, in this project I implement the new Unity features for 2D games, the used features are Cinemachine2D, 2D Sprites shapes and Animation2D. While in the rest of the document I write about the new tools, I want to say I start making this game to be played using a game controller or touch controls by using this the game can be played in most of mobiles devices and TV devices like android tv, controls are very easy to understand and use.
Clarice is a young girl who lives with his parents, here we have a short story where Clarice's mom needs a favor to her daughter, this is the first history of the game, the game mechanics are inspired in games like super Mario series, shantae half genie heroe series and crash bandicoot series.
Demo Gameplay
Game Features.
  • Explore multiples levels and solve puzzles.
  • Minimalism game controls
  • Cute and vivid colors
  • Clarice
  • Clarice's mom (NPC)

  • Clarice's dad (NPC)
The game development will use the Unity version 2018.3.x and it will use the new 2D feature tools. Also in the creation of this game I found several challenges to use the new tools for example when I use 2D animation I found the tool was amazing by using this you can decrease the number of sprites , this was great for the environment the grass, tree and bushes they can be animated inside unity, performance increase in this case, 2d sprites shapes well they work similar to the tiles but using 2D tiles the game looks is "Square" by using 2D sprites shapes the scenarios now have a really nice look, even for the backgrounds they work great.
  • 2D Cinemachine.
  • 2D Spriteshapes.
  • 2D Animation & 2D IK.
2D Spriteshapes
The use of the sprite shapes was for the creation of the environments and levels, similar to 2D Tilemaps you can create fast environments.
First you can create the scenario where the player can move, play and interact, you only need to create a 2D Sprite shape object and then add a Polygon collider to the game object, the sprite shape controller have an option to automatically update the Polygon collider shape, and also based on what you need to have the polygon collider could have different low, medium or high quality shape for this project I use a medium quality polygon because the character controller have problems when low quality resolution was used, sometimes it fall from the ground.
The floor in this game needs a repeatable image or texture this is the sprite used for the game, this image was created by first creating a 3D model ans after have the render I paint over the render result to have a more 2D look, for the fill texture a small texture using a solid color should work fine.

Final result in our quick prototype.

Creating the background using the Sprites shapes and perspective camera is another good use for the sprites shapes, we combine 2 cameras to have a very nice depth effect, "free parallax" this was based on the tutorial from "Mimpy Dreams". So, one camera is in Orthographic mode this camera is rendering the player and the level scene, while the second camera is rendering the background in perspective mode, when combine these two cameras we have a nice effect when playing the game.
2D Cinemachine
2DCinemachineis actually the most used feature of the new Unity 2D tools, the main menu, the game play this feature is in every scene, this is used to Tracking the player and set limits where the camera doesn't need to watch areas where there's no more game objects.
Example of 2DCinemachine time line:
2D Animation & 2D IK
The use of the new animations tools was for the environment’s objects, grass, bushes and trees.They are animated using the Animator2D, in this example we have 3 pieces of grass, then this image is imported to Unity and it's finally animated.
The animation process is very similar to other 2D and 3D softwares you import the picture or image file then, you need to create the bones for the objects, after that you will need to start creation the mesh for each object, the grass of the previous image needs 3 polygons shapes this are used to deform the images, unity have tools to create a fast mesh if you need an specific mesh you even draw your own polygon even you can modify the version that Unity automatically generate.
Animation a tree for 2d game in Unity.
So this is the current sprite used to animate a tree. all the elements of the tree should be on the same image file.
After import the image we can then go to the Sprite editor to first create the bones. It's very important to keep an order here because the first bone created it will be the root bone, this means if you move, rotate, scale this bone it will affect all the children bones, so I keep this order to animate the bones
Finally is when we edit the skin weight and geometry for our objects, Animation2D have a tool to automatically generate the geometry shape but some times we need a more "square" mesh to improve the deformations of our sprites
This is how automatically settings will generate the mesh shape for out trunk.
In the toolbar of the Sprite editor you can find Create Vertex option to start editing the mesh geometry. By creating a custom geometry this improve the mesh deformation
Sometimes the automatically settings could not give the result we need for the mesh deformation so this can be fixed by editing or creating the geometry mesh. In the next picture you can see an example of the current scene with grass, the tree, grass and bush are animated inside unity using animation 2D this can save a lot of sprite shapes images files.
The assets in this project most of them are created for this game, the trees ground, the main character, are created for this project. Clarice mom character is from another paused project that I created, and the same from the Information sign it was used from the stopped project.
Assets like the Mountains and Forrest for the background was downloaded from this website, created by PWL author from Opengameart parallax images I just make some changes to the Forrest colors.
If you want to check to first game play here is the link
Created and develop By Oscar Leif.
Than you for Reading!
After finish the contest I will continue working in this game I will create 30 levels, for this I will need more assets and interactables objects like moving platform in circular motion and by following a bezier curves, and more pluzzles!

Log Note:
  • 1 update: 12 Nov 2018.
  • 2 Update: 26 Nov 2018.
  • 3 Update: 11 Dec 2018.
  • 4 update : 15 Dec 2018.
  • 5 update: 16 Dec 2018
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Thank you ! I will post more updates after the result of the challenge.
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