City VR Tour
CITY VR is the first Virtual Reality application of a city in Romania, currently present in Cluj-Napoca.
The app offers anyone fond of new experiences the chance to make a "live" impression of the atmosphere of a specific location. Users can study, visit and inspect the sights without being physically present in that location. Using High Tech VR glasses, they can move above the city in any direction and observe every detail they consider important and attractive.
The current version of Experience Cluj in VR has 3 unique experiences that allow panoramas of 360º, the "movement" being at a height of about 70 meters, at an average speed of 50 km/h: a ride in a rollercoaster over the city, a tour of the city center in a winding paraglider and a flight over the Feleacu piste.
The illusory environment and the specially designed chair, that simulates the movements from the means of transportation the user is traveling with above the city, offer a full immersive experience.
The travel and tourism industry is booming with virtual reality technology.
People can now ‘try before they buy’ destinations, they can explore and experiment in VR the atmosphere, the weather, the amenities and much more of the future destination.