City of Aevin
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City Of Aevin - Neon Challenge


Start Date: 02.12.2017
Hello everyone, this is the City of Aevin When we first started off we knew we wanted something big and jaw dropping. Having seen the latest Blade Runner gave us a lot of inspiration of big and tall buildings and small city suburbs below them, just like in ancient Egypt.


Our first concepts were just playing with the perspective, and having a sense of big open space, and a main building somewhere in the first third of the screen, along with a very foggy environment.
Our first attempt [Day 1]:
We noticed that doing so we were not creating the feel of depth we wanted and the perspective wasn't playing in our hand, so we moved on to another concept from Blade Runner sketches

Main concept

Day 3-4: After the failed attempt, and taking a few days of brainstorming what to choose next for the concept would be and settled for the big tower concept from Blade Runner.
Day 5: Since I knew the depth is the most important part of the scene (The main tower that sticks out high into the air) and the fog, I started the main primitive shapes of the city and the main building (4 towers) which would be the highlight of the whole scene
This was the start of remaking the scene, and it took a day of planning to sort it out, along with the additional structures.

Day 6: Fog and Post Processing stack The main challenge of this was not only the depth but the fog and volumetric lighting that needed to be added and look good in the scene, so choosing the combination of Fog Volume, HX Volumetric Lights the decision came to twerking it to the maximum
Day 6-7-8: Tweeking the Fog Volume Fog volume while a great plugin is extremely costly on the GPU, and making it run at 60+ fps and having a great quality was a huge challenge and it took 3 days to make it feel right and look good at the same time.
Day 9: Tweaking the fog and adding primitive textures to some objects: After a night sleep it came down to fix up the lights with HX Volumetric Lights, as Fog Volume Lights cost 2x the performance and the GTX 1060 couldn't handle it well (around 30-40 fps) so we replaced the Light system from Fog Volume, to the HX Lights, which, in exchange of performance was more than a welcome tool. After 3 hours of tweeking some stuff and adding the textures to some of the objects we managed our first "concept" scene to be finished.
Day 10 - Adding more high detailed meshes (Converting some low poly to high poly): Big part of the scene we added reflectors and made high-poly mesh out of them (still not all but a few) and changed the light perspective, and increased the size of The Main Hall tower in the right corner
Small preview of the current look
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@vijay pathy Thanks for the support
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Nice work
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@Farrukh Abdur Thank you ;)
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Nice start on this Gabriel :)