City belt
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Introduction to project
I need to cut this here as it is non finished to work on other projects.Recorder started failing to record HD and inside project everything is in sync while on video it is not(audio cameras and such) but it doesn't matter i played with cinemachine,effects and timeline.I will just wrap it as one unit for video and if i get in better mood i will record HD until end.
Assets used :
Cinemachine,Timeline,post process stack V2,Skybox Volume2,Unity's EffectExamples,Energy Hard Rock Pack DEMO.

Building update(some beams quick texturing) 12/31/2017 Many system crashes due to GPU,i'm forced to work inside 2K texture resolution,slowed me down but until morning hours i should have complete building finished.And happy new year people \e/ ....

Building update(3D modeled,unwrapped) 12/28/2017

Building update(pre-final model) 12/27/2017

Detailed brake down(tons of info) on project website.
Starting project from 0.Civilizations living in a asteroid belt.Happening of our scene will be focused on one asteroid with 1 huge city,one huge industrial complex inside "mountain".And giant city/spaceship that pushing asteroid back to orbit,when in orbit he will detach and fly away.
Speed chase with smaller space ships will be included.Goal is to gain resolution and diversity everywhere,having nice camera shoots and being possible for whole scene(wide camera shoot on everything) to be able to run. We will aim next gen visuals.
I will add "making of/brakedown" on some another place to not pile up info here,that will come on end if i even manage to finish this at all xD .
Basically to get stuff somewhat done on time i'm making stuff that can be re-used lot of times(that will help me to keep textures,materials and shaders count low),for object count and meshes i need to count on unity's batching, other vise i would export meshes prefabs,join into one mesh and then re-import again to gain on performances-that would also reduce shadows count and mesh renderers(and basically all components attached to game objects-as also game objects count would be lower) or some custom meshes for shadow casting would help-non of that i'm doing,there is no time for that since scene is huge so basically what i can do is just to apply some basic "optimizations" while creating meshes,textures,shaders and trying to re-use same stuff that i previously made-so just looking little bit ahead and that's it.Basically scene will be raw as it is without to much optimization except one that i'm applying while creating 3D assets and placing them into scene.
Some small progress,for this shoot i have ~300 Draw calls (realtime everything).I'm not tweaking the project settings yet nor scene for best performances and visuals,i'm just throwing 3D assets into the scene as i create them-i just care at this moment of populating my scene with more assets as i can.
Usually i would spend 30 day's easy on just one proper spaceship but it is how it is,trying to make stuff look good in this little time we have.
This gate is aprox half of mile long or more.Some progress made tonight:Some pipes and some scene work(importing,placing pipes,and some shaders repairs-will polish shaders much more near end if there is time for that).
I'm making bunch of variations on my meshes with symetry modifier,that why i create bunch of stuff in short time+shaders are kinda procedural+substances are procedural.

Next thing to add is this "mountain side" asteroid face and again meshes,shaders,substances so i can finally replace Unity cubes xD and see what i got. Thats ~1/4th of whole scene.
When i get 80% of my scene done then i will finally relax a little bit and start working with cinemachine and timeline.

Some progress for one day...
Some progress.Finally working on first dedicated piece/spaceship,currently in blocking/prototyping stage.
Some small progress,starting to work on real spaceship model(piece by piece),just like programmers would create cube to prototype,this above you saw is my cube(spaceship),now on real thing....
::funny voice speaks:: "two centuries later...mika finished the spaceship"
I'm making cyber punk city atm(choosing building meshes what is separated,hows shader kick in,how to save performances and such) also was making some documentation on my website and here is small progress on spaceship in meanwhile/tiny bit ,old and new side by side.Ignore poly count i have many objects duplicated inside my scene.
Some progress bellow.If someone want to see how its made(and everything else to the tiny details) i suggest you check my website.Here i'm just putting rough explanations.
Would be nice playground for spaceships speed chase,yes,meh,nah? xD
I'm re-using stuff all the time so load on performances is minimal for this huge scene.
This is all wip of course.This city was 2 day's of work so far.
Adjusted little bit a regular unity fog,post process stack and lighting.
Going to make some spaceships and shaders that will fake spaceships movement in background,i want scene to be crowded(at least to look like that) with spaceships.
Most likely i will export whole city buildings to reduce number of game objects inside scene and their components.City creates ~ 2000 new shadows and game objects which i don't like so 1 game object instead of 2000 sounds better to me :).
Got ~150 fps back for merging city into one mesh,still materials can be replaced later on but kinda globally/predefined since materials belong to city mesh polygons now.Added some cheap quick effect for moving cars.Some merged screen shoots:
Next thing to do would be creating rest of asteroid very low poly segments so i can make asteroids(from far away asteroid can be seen,as we move camera closer we eventually can go into asteroid and see all this population living inside),this apply's for 2,3 asteroids that are nearby.After pieces are done then i will use same pieces,scale them up and get asteroids to serve for distance,also some shader will be created to fake cities on their surfaces or i will use existing shaders and just include some painted masks to define city's look.And after that,well list is long:
  1. Dedicated building for closeup camera shoots,
  2. Mid importance spaceships,
  3. Finish cyber spaceship,
  4. Adjust project/scene lighting,do some simple enable/disable scripting,
  5. Work with cinemachine,timeline,create animations and so on....
  6. Work with audio mixer.
Working on dedicated building and on scene lighting(small tweaks),also i made some other "background piece/rock" and asteroid is assembled-can be entered from outer space,as also same thing is used for far away asteroids but they get different shader that simulate cities on their surface.For today i also have in mind to do lot of testings on camera shoots and experiment(prototype) of which i will make a GIF.
I will drop here picture of final model of dedicated building later today-this one will be only one that can get close up camera shoots.Idea for dedicated building is that she is similar in design as other buildings inside city,so eventually when i'm done with closeup shoots and show city there is feel about all buildings are detailed like so(first picture is not finished model):
Nothing impressive but i got finally that recorder asset to record a video with sound.Video is synchronization practice of timeline,cinemachine and post process stack.I made simple script that slow down project time scale and i grabbed audio clip pitch and referenced it to be same as time scale,thay are for range i needed basically 1 to 1 ratio so no interpolation or nothing,just as it is time scale such is that audio clip pitch-dead straight.SO this "time manager(together with audio)" script is attached to empty game object and inside timeline activation track is created and such game object is assigned to her.
I created time speed up,time slow down,and fixed time sharp cut scripts (~2 lines of newbie code each),and all three are components of three empty game objects,Idea is to simplify stuff so now with that 3 game objects i can create 3 activation tracks then assign these 3 GO and i suddenly have re usable time scale(activation clips) to use on timeline as i desire.
Picture of my simple timeline:
As promised some more pictures of building iterations,wip,progress>
Milenko Karolic
3D Design - Artist
Milenko Karolic
3 years ago
3D Design
Brett PalmerYour Entry Looks Amazing. In my view,Best entry so far. -MINCE-
Thank you man i appreciate it. \e/
Brett Palmer
3 years ago
Your Entry Looks Amazing. In my view,Best entry so far. -MINCE-
Milenko Karolic
3 years ago
3D Design
Nicolas BulchakCool post processing. And the ship design is awesome!
Thanks man,glad you like it :),i'm just experimenting so far with post processing.Yeah i hope at least that ship will turn out to be good looking \e/ .
Nicolas Bulchak
3 years ago
CG Artist
Cool post processing. And the ship design is awesome!
Milenko Karolic
3 years ago
3D Design
Tsuyoi RaionThe designs look interesting but you have way too much bloom, flare and lens dirt going on. Just makes it almost unbearable to look at. Keep working on it!
Hi,thanks for feedback,i agree.I will tweak stuff later on as also i'm keen to test how image effects will blend/transition between different cameras,i think i will end up with many post process profiles and then use most of them by choosing which one looks best in particular case in what moment and on which camera-at least that's the plan,will see when i get to that part,i'm still dropping assets inside the scene.