Adictive clicking idle mobile game
This project was more like an introduction for me for the 2D fetaures Unity provides. In this project I had the opportunity to use: ✔ Serilaziation (Binary) ✔ 2D Physics and Colliders ✔ Coroutines ✔ Monetization system with Shop Randomness Mechanics are pretty easy in this game, so I decided to focus the gameplay more on visual effects (colors and fades) as well as Enviroment (moving and spawning clouds). The circles spawn at the edges of the screen and come with the same velocity to the centre of the screen. Both their location and their spawn timers are generated random between the desired parameters. Shop System The Shop is an easy extenable system based on points gained playing the game. Each succesful click counts as a point, that can be used later for purchasing other middle circles. After purchasing it, the player will have the new circle through the game. Incluing main menu and actual gameplay.
Oprea Alexandru
Unity programmer c# - Programmer