Chronos: Time Control
Chronos is a powerful editor extension that brings full time control to Unity. It is easy to use, optimized for performance and equipped to handle any scenario you have in mind. Perfect for magic spells, puzzle games, sci-fi abilities or special effects!
Use Chronos to slow, pause, accelerate or even rewind time in your game. Because each object is controlled on its own separate timeline, you can create mind-blowing effects that only affect an area or a group. Don't worry about the math or the complexity: Chronos fully integrates with animations, particle effects, audio and even physics. And if you want to use it with your custom scripts, a robust scripting API is provided, allowing you to affect custom properties and make any code event rewindable.
Voted best Asset Store tool at Unity Awards 2015, Chronos is a solid five-star asset that is fully production ready. As the lead developer here at Ludiq, I'd be thrilled to see what you can create with it.
Cheers and happy time control,
— Lazlo Bonin Lead Developer, Ludiq