Chronicles of Nathan - The Maze Hunter
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Xbox One; Windows
Chronicles of Nathan - The Maze Hunter is an action-adventure puzzle game with a Tomb Raider / Indiana Jones style of gameplay. The game has two game modes the story and explorer.
In the story mode, you will play the role of the main protagonist Nathan A. Jones, III. Nathan is a very well-known archaeologist. Nathan is known for his discoveries and solving some of the world's most difficult and challenging mysteries such as Stonehenge to the Maya calendar. However, on this adventure, Nathan is searching for ancient artifacts. As Nathan, you will travel the world and visit different locations Giza Pyramids in Egypt to Rome in his quest to find the lost ancient artifacts.
  • Episode One: Launches with the game - Nathan starts his journey to locate the hidden artifacts. He will travel to Egypt and South America to recover the ancient artifacts from the Inca Empire.
  • Episode Two: Planned Summer 2018 – Nathan will continue his quest to recover the ancient artifacts and outwit his new foe. This journey will take him to Asia and North America.
  • Episode Three: Planned Fall 2018 – After outwitting his foe and successfully obtaining the ancient artifacts, Nathan must finish what he has discovered and finish locating the last few Inca artifacts before this foe. He will travel to Rome and Africa to finish his quest.
Each location will have 3 different mazes with puzzles to solve.
John Lisenby
Unity Developer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Xbox One; Windows