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“Chromaster is a game about a human lost in a maze where he must shoot colored bullets to solve puzzles and find the exit”

Game Mechanics

Color Change
A player can switch the color of his chromagun between three primary color (red, yellow and blue)
Color Change
A player can switch the color of his chromagun between three primary color (red, yellow and blue)
Color Mixing
A player can absorb a color with the chromagun and automaticly mix it to create a secodary color
Base Movement & Jump
Player base movement, walk, running & Jumping


Level analysis


Level 0
Anticipation and start up. The Player found himself in a locked room with a yellow plate on the ground. Once the Player step into the plate the yellow door in front of him will open. In this case Players will learn the relation between plate and doors.
Level 2
In this level the player will find a plate on the ground that will not open the main door but a secondary one that will show a plate button on the wall linked to the main door introducing the Bullets Shoot mechanic. Once the player shoot the button the tube linked to the door will become yellow and will open the main door.
Level 3
First plot point. Introducing a new mechanic. Players will find a red door with a red button that can’t be pressed by the yellow bullet. Players will discover a new mechanic: Color Change. The HUD in the left bottom of the screen will help player to know which keyboard number press in order to have the right color for the current room.
Level 5
First passage and test of the player skill. Player will find some blue automatic mechanism and a red wall linked to an unreacable button. Players will also find a new object called “funnel”. In order to pass player must shoot a red bullet into the funnel that will drive the shot directly to the button. The white tube will change in red and open the door as we previously seen. The blue button after the red door will be triggered togheter by the automatic mechanism and let the blue wall behind the red one open. This sign the gap of the first threshold.


Level 6
Discovering the blue color as a new usable one. Finding new object called “Expanding Cube” that once shot became larger and player can step on it. Now the pacing grows thanks to the possibility to fail the level and fall down and die. High risk on jumping while shoting to the objective. On level 7 we’ll have the first HOOK, player will start to get higher on the map and the difficulty increases.
Level 8
Player enter in the gap of the second threshold. From here there’s no turning back and the ability to jump and shot the cube are tested once again with an higher level of difficulty in fact cubes are not in a straight line and neither in the same height.
Level 9
Second HOOK. Players will get in a one way exit room with a special door. This time the door it’s Orange (a secondary color) and there are two columns with two primary color. Players will discover a new mechanic, color mixing. In order to pass they have to use a color of the gun (in this case yellow or red) and mix with the second one to make the orange and shot the button.


Level 12
The main challenge of the game, here all the skill are tested to prove the valor of the Player. The Player must combine all of his skill to pass in this “Re-growing” jungle of cube. Player must pass throught the main color cubes and reach the secondary wall cube that blocks the way. In the jungle there are three columns with the three primary colors to absorb and pass the purple, green and orange wall cubes. This part sign the way to return, making the player feels that he learned all the rules of this world and can pass throught it; But have learned all the mechanics of the game will no be enough, player must have to take the right choises, stay calm and analize the situation in order to not be deafeated from this room. If the player face this puzzle with this attitude he will experiment a resurrection and he will know that he can win the game and go back home.
Level 16
The last room. Players know that the objective is in front of them seeing it from the most part of the map, the color chasm that can be seen from the very first level. After a last test player knows that he will be rewarded.
Level 17
The anticipation has gone once the purple door it’s open. Now the player faces the doubt and the mistery gave by the chasm. There’s only a way to follow and nothing to do except that fall down without knowing where he will arrive. This last test will reward the player and his trust with the completion of the game.
Loris Carletti
Game Designer | Owner @ NoFoxGiven - Designer