Christmas Present to our Players: Holodance Psychedelic Mode
Most of the time I work on fixing bugs and polishing existing features ... but sometimes, I need to take a little break and do something completely different. And since it's (still, kind of) Christmas, I made this new thing I just built a Christmas present for our players.
Psychedelic Mode is activated via the game's settings under Style / Psychedelic Settings. There are currently Color Effects, Time Dilation and Strobe Lights, each with a few options to adapt the effects the player's likes.
Color Effects first links the current combo with the saturation: Before the player catches the first orb, it's all black and white. Then, gradually, with each orb that is caught without missing one, the game goes over normal into a fairly over-saturated look until players has caught 48 orbs, which also gives them the 4x combo multiplier. This event is combined with Time Dilation, causing the game to go into a bullet time like state for the player to catch the important orb. Right after that, the Strobe Lights flash for a few seconds.
And this is where the real psychedelic experience starts: Now, each orb that is caught shifts the hue a little bit, completely mixing up the colors. Depending on the environment, this effect can be kind of subtle, mostly just changing the colors of the orbs a little bit - or really dramatic.
When players keep catching every orb, successfully tracing every Slider and spinning every Spinner, eventually a Long Combo is achieved - and now that color cycling moves on its own.
Jashan Chittesh
Founder, Developer - Owner