Chilly Pods
Updated 3 years ago
A land that always snows, just lightly, and lights are used to melt it.
Thanks for the fun challenge everyone!

Finding My Feet in Unity, and 3D work as a whole.

I am very new to all of the design aspects involved in this challenge, and am feeling scared to begin. My plan to move forward through this is as follows: Find useful-sounding tutorials in Unity, attempt them myself, find what I need to understand and missed, and see if I can find my answers by re-watching the tutorials or by seeking community guidance.
I will list each bit of progress below, in chronological order from the top.
  1. Watched the videos included in the challenge for use of cinemachine. Felt like the deep end.
  2. Downloaded and installed Unity. 2017.2.1f1 .
  3. Played the four "Basic Tutorials" from the Learn tab. I am in the kiddie pool and losing my fear of water.
  4. Replayed the four above. Gee, it sure is relaxing in the kiddie pool but I am somewhat unsure of what to do.
  5. Remembered an email-invitation for a live session with Matt Schell on how to create stunning 3D scenes. The session was back on Oct. 25th but fortunately I looked it up and found Introduction to Art & Design Essentials by the same person. It does not include free assets besides Cinemachine and the Post-Processing Stack, but is a nice example of the importance of assets and even simple coding in a scene. Tutorials are sort of like swimming with floaties. I find it interesting how each asset can include it's own interface, rather than needing to be implemented via hard-coding or a universal style.
  6. I got the banner to be right-side up!
  7. I dabbled in the default GameObject menu for Unity. I like how quickly I can get feedback on object's positions via the camera tool and can stretch the models to use for different things. See 3D Sketch below. They even have capsules! In my opinion, a capsule is a perfect stand-in for the pods I was picturing.
  8. As the deadline is looming and my progress is uncertain, I made a plan of action: A sketch a scene B figure out which assets are needed find or make the assets needed C get the assets to animate D try to make footprints in snow film it all polish the vibe with effects E (repeat the last two as needed to show the scene) By presenting this on the connect forums, I got some constructive comments: Çağlayan suggested that I add "Cinematography, Post-Processing/Color Correction and overall feeling consistency :)" Carlos Fernandez de Tejada Quemada warned me that "If you have to learn tools and create new objects/ textures it will take a bit of time." This is my current plan of action: A sketch a scene B find and utilize assets needed for the sketch C if I can find some nice camera angles, and try wandering with cinemachine as though I'm on a photo walk D Arrange the sketch with the C results in mind E Add in some Post-Processing/Color Correction to really push that vibe through F Arrange the sketch with the E results in mind G Do my best to add in the complex assets to act as my finishing touches
  9. It took a lot effort, but I figured out how to record and export videos! I wouldn't be surprised if I find an easier way to do it in the Post-Processing Stack, but this should do it for any smaller clips. I used Recorder for a soundless clip that recorded a selected timeline.
  10. At this point (1 day 11 hours), I acknowledge that I will not be done in time for the contest. I'll take the simple things I have made and do my best to experience the variety of assets that the challenge has planned for me to include. I'll be moving forward to Cinemachine and the Post-Processing Stack.

3D Sketch No. 1

3D Recording Test

Second and Final Recording Test

My General Planning for The Narrative. Slightly Stream-of-Consciousness in Style.

  • Always snowing, but heated stores have IR (but visible colors added) heat sources used like lasers. Can melt snow like a forcefield and result in a transition from falling snow outside to falling mist at each entranceway.
  • Shaking can make the lights that reflect in the melted water produce motion lines.
  • Architecture telling stories with a motive. A large humanoid structure with some home pods making a smiley face out of leadership, who work inside the head. IR lights can be pointed from shop entryways at people's faces, making them more likely to turn towards the shop and get toastier faces.
  • Perhaps pods can retain heat and so require people to wrap themselves in a thin barrier acting like a pod bay door before leaving the pod. Make instructional diagrams if animations are too tricky.
  • It can be snowy and sharp, with lights softening the vibe but (perhaps) acting too commercial to be fun, so unfortunate!
  • A nice few sounds can help it out, but the sounds need to both add to the vibe and fit with the scene.

Michael Holt
Neon Challenge - Designer