Children of Survivors
Updated 3 years ago
In development
Linux; Mac; Windows
In the future, adults get sick and die. A group of children are fighting hard to survive in this new world, while searching for what happened to their parents five years ago.
Game Stage 1 video:
Game Stage 2 Video:
Game Stage 3 playable build: (Windows)
Game Stage 4 and more: Please contact me for more details.

This is an Adventure game. As such, the game play follows a number of adventure game genre tropes. Typically, a level will begin with the protagonist being met by somebody who gives them their task. This task might require them to gather a number of items, to gather pieces of information from written sources and/or other people, to explore and interact with the environment, and to solve puzzles. Some tasks might require a combination of these actions.

That was an apocalypse, adults got sick and died. there are a few of children survival in a valley and now they must travel over the world, looking for other survivors and places to live.
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Linux; Mac; Windows
keiichi saitama
2 years ago
hope to see it soon