Chess Online - Play & Learn
Published 2 years ago
In development
Android; iOS
Chess Online - Play & Learn is a fast and Iight-weight premium massively multiplayer online chess experience. The product is mainly geared towards short duration real-time speed chess matches. Highlights of the product are a very snappy app experience, an extremely fast matchmaking algorithm which guarantees matches everytime, slick UI/UX, splendid themes, very human like chess bots which are disguised as real humans should a player not find a real human match, auto adjusting bot difficulty based on Elo thresholds, lag compensated chess clocks which don’t drift much over the network giving users an instant and snappy feedback, and a gamified chess experience with lots of rewards, leaderboards and leveling. Moreover, the app is every-platform-ready i.e. it can be deployed to any platform that comes to mind, from mobile to desktop to messenger games, you name it. On top of that the backend infrastructure for the app is highly scalable so that we don’t have to worry about the user load and traffic in the long run. I was responsible for a little bit of everything on the project ground up although my main area was product development including game design and technology architecture.

Technologies used: Bash Shell Scripting, C, C++, C#, GameSparks, Git, Java, JavaScript, JSON, StrangeIoC, Unity, WebSocket
Mubeen Iqbal
Intersted in a Job - Manager
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Android; iOS