Charlie Circus 3D
This 3D side scrolling game is inspired from retro 8-bit Circus Charlie game. Play this game and refresh your those old good time childhood memories. Jump through the varieties obstacles that are coming on your way until you finish the level. It has rich circus environment with live audience who are encouraging you to finish the level. Jump through fire-rings, spikes, rolling drum, deadly pendulum, hurdle bar and so on. Walk upon burning ropes without getting burned and much more. Refresh your old 8-bit memories with this brand new Circus Charlie 3D game and it's totally free. Enjoy the PC/Console level advance graphics features such as HDR(High Dynamic Rendering), Real-time shadows and more in your high-end mobile devices. What are you waiting for? Download it now!!! GRAPHICS FEATURES ============== ★ 3D Graphics Environment ★ Real-time Shadows ★ HDR (High Dynamic Rendering) effect ★ Anti-aliasing filtering GAME FEATURES =============== ★ Refreshing Circus Charlie Music ★ Immersed and Thrilling Game Play. ★ Unique Obstacle in Every Level. ★ Hard-core mode (No level checkpoints)
Krishna Kumar
Unity3D Game Developer
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