Changed My Life Forever
Published a year ago
Will Wright Art Challenge

Loss of my finger

When in was 5, I was holding a window open and it fell and a piece of glass cut part of my pinky finger off. To this day it is still a vivid memory. It is something that changed my life and still affects me today.

Repairing my car with my Dad

This memory was also very important to me. When I was 16, I was in a crash and a drunk driver hit, and damaged my car at a red light. I thankfully walked away from the accident. My father and I worked on that car over the entire summer, and he is a very busy man. This was the longest time I have ever spent with dad in my entire life up to this point. That summer will always be near and dear to my heart.

My Only Love

This is the most important memory I can think of, its where I met the girl I love. We met at night in the local park next to the railroad. Her and I hit it off and spent hours there until almost 3 AM. Her and I have been together for almost 3 years now and this memory is the most important memory I have.

The Process


When modeling I kept in mind that low poly art has hard lines and general shapes. I worked on keeping each scene under 3k polygons and it kept things very interesting and I needed to be creative.


Using flat colors I didn't need to unwrap many of my assets.


Since I used flat colors I only use materials to color my assets. I found this very effective and simple.


Having never used the timeline it terrified me greatly, however I was very surprised just how simple it was. Using the timeline I was able to animate my assets and my cameras very easily Cinemachine made things very quick and it is extremely powerful.

Tools Used


Blender was instrumental in creating these assets. I used it to model, unwrap, texture all of my assets.


This project was animated and rendered in Unity. Unity is a powerful engine that allows the user to light, design, animate, and render there scenes.
Mitchell McCollum
Technical Artist/Generalist - Artist