Chain Reaction Deluxe
Published 2 years ago
Available on
Android; iOS
Physics-based puzzle game about making chain reactions of explosions.
This is the first game I have ever made and published on my own. It is a simple physics-based puzzle where the goal is to create the longest chain reaction possible by using the bouncing balls on the screen. When the balls collide with already exploded balls they explode themselves thus creating a chain reaction.
The game takes you through a series of endless levels with increasing difficulty. There is also a sandbox mode where the player can create their own customized level with a specified number of balls, speed, color, explosion size etc.
The game uses Unity Ads for monetization. The mechanism is simple: every 4 levels the player gets an extra life and they can watch a rewarded Ad to get a second extra life if they want to.
The assets I used for the game are just Unity's default assets, except for the music, which I outsourced from a site which offers some free royalty-free music loops.
I know the game is not anything outstanding or innovative but as my first project I wanted it to be something simple which I can finish and ship to give myself the confidence that I can put my work out in the world. It has been my goal to put something out for a long time and now that I have finally done it it feels good even if it is not a masterpiece.
Nikola Yotov
Programmer - Student
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Android; iOS