Chacmool Xek
Game Summary Puzzle that aims to advance in the different worlds by setting up chacmooles, selecting their respective pieces from among other revolved pieces, this bypassing different obstacles that are presented in each level. History: Welcome to the mysterious world of the Chacmooles, stone beings created by ancient pre-Hispanic cultures in order to protect the offerings made to the gods. In this adventure the naughty alux Niich bored and without jokes to do to the humans, decided to have fun with the chacmoles, but, he has broken them all! ... The good Tatich, alux responsible and aware of the importance of the chacmoles has Decided to repair the damage that the joker has caused, "without wanting to," but Niich will not make it easy, he helps Tatich in his adventure and meets the fun chacmoles. The chacmoles live in the Maya temples and are scattered throughout Mesoamerica. It accompanies Tatich through several temples and archeological zones of Mesoamerica and arms to the chacmoles that were prey of the jokes of the mischievous Niich. Cultural Content: Chacmol Xec has as direct cultural characteristic the diffusion of the Mayan culture through its games and the data of its capsules. You knew what ... at the end of each level. As an indirect characteristic, we find: • Pre-Hispanic landscapes. • The design of the chacmoles that is based on the sculptures found in archaeological sites, from Mayan, Aztec, Purepecha, Toltec, among others. • In the use of Maya cosmogony for the realization of maps and conceptual art. The educational content of the game is presented in a fun way, through Chac mool Xek the player learns a little about the different characteristics of the Mayan culture, as well as the function of the chac mooles and other interesting data, likewise foment the Users to investigate more about pre-Hispanic cultures. General characteristics 1. History mode 2. 9 worlds with 3 levels each 3. 2 basic levels and a special level or boss 4. Progressive Difficulty 5. Interactive obstacles 6. Special Obstacles by Head of Level 7. Chacmooles Collection 8. Cartoon style style vector as general visual style 9. Levels with an approximate duration of 25 - 180 seconds 10. Information section "Did you know ..." Game Rules: 1. The level is gained if the chacmool is completed in the time limit or if the time is finished with more than half of the armed chacmool. 2. It is lost if the time is over and not at least half of the chacmool was armed. 3. If by winning a level, 100% of the chacmool is armed, the model of said chacmool is obtained in the showcase 4. The levels are followed sequentially, when one level is completed, the next level is unlocked. 5. The 3rd level of each world is a boss with special characteristics 6. Winning the 3rd level of the world unlocks the next.
Luis de Jesús López Hernández
Developer & CEO Mero Studios