Cascading Wasteland
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Exploring the frontier


Hello. This project was developed by
Byron Von Louis Beasley Jr (
and Carter Andrews (
Bryon was resbonsible for the music and sound and Carter was responsible for the aesthetic elements.
We are both students at San Diego State University and have no professional background in Unity.


We started the project with a discussion of the amazing concept art provided to us through the competition by Georgi Simeonov.
Our main goal was to amplify and expand on the tone and feelings of the concept as much as possible. Specifically, we found the art to contain desolate, bleak beauty. After some deliberation we decided on the story we would like to tell based on this image. The original goal was to depict a mining/factory city in a tundra with weathered robot workers struggling to get by.

Production Process

Immediately I created a prototype scene with the most significant elements. This helped me get a feel of for the path our camera would take and what elements to focus detail on.

Because of the setting we had our work cut out for us on weather effects. Specifically I decided to use volumetric fog, snow, and wind. Bryon was able to make wind sound effects to contribute to the desolate feeling and sell the setting.
Early on I found a mountain terrain asset by Svchost74 that lead me to set the scene at dawn with the morning sun streaming through the front of the gate. The gate in the concept art also happens to serve as a great portal through which the camera to dolly. Our singular camera shot was done with cinemachine and timeline.
With the basics of structure out of the way I moved on to fill out the scene with characters and props from the asset store to make it feel more alive. I only used free assets found on the unity asset store for this project in addition to some custom models made in Blender3D.
I used the unity post processing stack with effects like color grading and bloom to make the scene feel less flat.
Meanwhile, Bryon is composing music in ableton live
Bryon then mixes the music with the sound effects in FMOD and integrates them with the FMOD plugin.


Both Bryon and I had an amazing time working on this project. We learned a lot from the other incredible projects in the challenge and we would like to thank all the creators for helping to inspire us.

List of assets (free)

  • Blender 3D for some custom modeling
  • Ableton Live for music production
  • Unity Timeline/Cinemachine
  • FMOD plugin for sound effects
  • Snow Mountain Terrain by Svchost74
  • Volumetric lights and fog by slightlymad
  • Yughues metal and cement material texture packs
  • Yughues cement barriers
  • wispy skybox by mundus limited
  • industrial storage tanks by Duane's mind
  • Arkham interactive industrial robot arms
  • Rusik3DModels old building
  • AndreaDev Futuristic Robot MK-01
  • MutantGopher shipping contatiners
  • MultiFlag Studios Small Town America-Streets
  • The Blacksmith CityScape models by Unity
Carter Andrews
Game Developer - Programmer