Celestial Arms
Published 3 months ago
In development
PlayStation 4; Windows
Celestial Arms is an epic single player turn base RPG. We are trying to keep the old classic game play feel that every one knows and loves. A rich in-depth diverse story line that paves a path for your unique character story and the tactical game play at hand will have players immersed for days on end. If your a fan of the tactical RPG category then this is the game for you.

What Is Celestial Arms

Celestial Arms is a story of the past history that has been forgotten through out time. The player will relive the story through battles and game play. With each new adventure the player will drift deeper in the diverse atmosphere and concept of Celestial Arms.
Countless stories and adventures fill the vast land. Some may lay hidden among runes while others may be laying on a book shelf collecting dust waiting to be discovered. Tales are told in taverns and pubs of adventures and researchers going missing seeking these stories.
Will you conquer a nation or save a kingdom from siege. The story line will take you across the vast land and reveal many side quests along the way. Some quests lay hidden in secret, will you find them or past them by with out notice.

The Story Campaign

The story campaign will be very in-depth and diverse. It will have multiple stories to play through. The land will be vast and filled with warfare between alliances, betrayal and glory to the brave. Not only will the choices of the player have an effect on their game play but on the world its self. With every new world update the world will change depending on the actions of the player, Nations will rise or fall. The actions on the player will change the route of the story.
The world has been changed through out the centuries of war. Colossal pillars that once stood as directional land marks now lay in runes. Villages and towns that flourished decades even centuries ago now have vanished with out a trace. Either laying in runes from raids or lost in time itself.
With most of the armies placed at the boarders or major cities of the kingdom monsters now roam freely across the country side. They attack traders and travelers on their journey. The Deeper you head into the forests where the sun does not dare to reach there are even more terrifying beast. Creatures once only told in fairy tales to scare the children so they would not wander too far from home have now proven to be more real then thought.
Will fame, glory, and wealth find you or will you seek it out.
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Jared Wiseman
Project Manager - Other
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PlayStation 4; Windows