Cavern City Entrance (final)
Updated 2 years ago
City entrance plaza walkthrough sequence
A sequence following a character through a plaza to the main city entrance. Apologies for the rudimentary nature of this, but it was a rush job between work commitments. Fun though.
The cameras and editing are similar to how I'd approach a live action scene. I tried to block the characters so they were highlighted at appropriate moments, and the shots of the VTOL and the shadows it casts on the environment give a sense of the wider space surrounding the plaza.
The sequence is simple: the main character walks purposefully up the landing ramp and we follow her into the main plaza. She has a brief meeting then continues into the cavern entrance, giving us a chance to see the sights.
The Unity scene is horribly un-optimised, with very basic background objects and textures. It's amazing what you can hide with nice lighting! It would have been nice to add more facial animation, but there simply wasn't time and the head movement function I'm using has problems with timeline. Smoother animation blending would have been great, cloth movement, proper hair, more background characters, better buildings etc. etc. Oh yeah, audio too.
The creation process is probably a good example of what not to do. I promise my commercial work isn't so haphazard. To start I created a terrain and used the Gaia package to quickly sculpt a suitable area. I then created some basic buildings and the entrance towers, imported these and blocked out the scene. Once I was happy with the basic layout I went back to my modelling application and created the roof canopy. To aid placement while doing this I exported the Unity terrain as a rough placement mesh.
I then worked on the lighting and used DeepSky Haze for atmospherics. I set up the Post Processing Stack and added extra lights for the buildings and so on. The scene was taking shape so I worked on textures and set up materials. I also brought the two character models from Mixamo into Unity and did some texture work on them.
I now had enough to start work with Timeline. First, I created tracks for the two characters and got them moving around the scene. Then I created my Cinemachine virtual cameras and a dolly track to follow the main character through the environment. Once the main camera movement was working I added the VTOL and tweaked the secondary lighting.
I couldn't get Recorder to export directly to MP4. For some reason the video rendered upside down and very poor quality, so I exported an image sequence and put it back together in Adobe Media Encoder.

Development images

I used a few Unity packages for this project: Advanced Hair ShaderPack CGY Contemporary Outdoor Furniture DeepSky Haze Gaia PreIntegratedSkinShader Realistic Eye Movements UBER Some animations from Movement AnimsetPro and ootii. I also intended to use ProCore and MegaSplat but didn't have time.
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